Scan, Share and Organize documents securely with BharatScanner

Scan, Share and Organize documents securely with BharatScanner

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BharatScanner PlayStore Link

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Our Features

Scan, Store & Organize Documents

It is very easy to scan any document using Bharat Scanner. Just click a photo or take the image or document from your gallery, adjust the borders & apply your favorite filter. This document scanner app scans images, documents, and files with more than enough resolution and color quality.
You can store and organize your scanned files & images by making proper folders in the app.

Save & Sync Documents to Google Drive

You never lose files scanned in this app. You can synchronize the scanned files and images with Google Drive or backup to Google Photos with this pdf reader app. Also, you can access all of your files directly from you’re the Google drive anytime anywhere using this Indian cam scanner.

Create & Compress Pdf

The document scanner is a PDF maker that scans the images, document or files and converts the JPG files and scanned documents to PDF.
With this pdf scanner app you can compress large PDF files and reduce it to a small size pdf without hampering the image quality. Our pdf converter app automatically starts to shrink the large PDF files, gives the same PDF quality but less file size.

Convert Photos to Pdf

It is very easy to Scan any document using BharatScanner. Just click a photo, adjust the borders & apply filter of your choice and your document is ready to be shared as a PDF or Image.

Share your files via Email or Whatsapp or any other platform

This app is a perfect camscanner alternative enables you to share files easily and store them in the cloud and collaborate on them with colleagues and clients. Just select the file document and share it on Google drive, Gmail, or WhatsApp.

BharatScanner PlayStore Link BharatScanner AppStore Link

Why use BharatScanner ?

Safe & Secure

Keeping your documents secure is the primary objective of Bharat Scanner. This app works offline completely. And even in case of cloud storage, security feature of this camscanner encrypts scanned documents and controls viewing.

No Watermark

Bharat Scanner does not add any unwanted watermark to your documents. In fact, you can personalize your documents.

MadeInIndia Camscanner

It is an Indian alternative to the Chinese app, Cam Scanner. You download it from Google play store or iOS store and use all its features offline and completely free.

Barcode Scanner/QR Code Scanner

We offer this unique feature which is very uncommon in other scanners. Do stuck while doing payment, you do the payment through this app. Just scan the barcode as well as QR code and within seconds you will get redirected to UPI payments from anywhere anytime.

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