Bharat Scanner

A Truely Indian CamScanner Alternative

We are a team of techies from BITS Pilani, IIM Bangalore with 10+ years of corporate experience in companies like Intel, McAfee, ARM, Zomato.

Bhratscanner Camscanner alternative

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High Data Security
Your data belongs to you and BharatScanner is extremely secure and keeps all yhe data on your own phone.
Lightening Fast
BharatScanner is extremely fast as it does not require any internet connection hence all the documents get scanned instantly!
Apply Filters
BharatScanner comes with filters to make the documents B/W or enhance the colors for better visibility.
Scan Easily
Just Grab your phone , point it to the document and click! BharatScanner will take care of the rest.
Auto Edge Cropping
BharatScanner automatically detects the edges of the document and crops it for you. You can customize and crop specific regions it as well.
Share it Anywhere
BharatScanner is an easy to use tool that helps you scan documents in a fast and easy way.

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Our Team

Prajjwal Sinha

Co-Founder & CEO
IIM Bangalore, Ex-Intel, Ex-McAfee

Kunal Pasricha

Co-Founder & CTO
Ex-ARM, Ex-Wigwag

Ranjita Singh

Co-Founder & CMO
St. Aloysius


Android Developer


HR Manager


Media Marketing

Aparajita Prasad

IIM Ahmedabad

Shashank Shekhar

Chartered Accountant


iOS Developer


QA Engineer


QA Engineer


Backend Developer


Product Designer


Android Developer

BharatScanner : a Non-Chinese Alternative to CamScanner

BharatScanner is an alternative to Camscanner and can be used for scanning, storing and sharing documents safely. It has been built in India as an alternative to CamScanner which is a chinese app. We found that there is no good alternative to camscanner and hence decided to build one. We are ourselves avid users of camscanner to scan documents but recently the differences between India & China left us no choice. CamScanner is a great app but we can not jeopardize the security of our nation.

BharatScanner Features :

  • Scan Documents
  • Save as PDF
  • Share over mail or whatsapp
  • Keep your data secure.
  • Apply Filters

Common Search Terms :

  • Camscanner alternative
  • Camscanner Indian alternative
  • Indian Camscanner
  • Document Scanner
  • Indian Document Scanner
  • Alernative to Camscanner
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BharatScanner is an Indian alternative to CamScanner and keeps all your data safe and secure.


BharatScanner - The Indian CamScanner
BharatScanner - The Indian CamScanner

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How Is CamScanner Still Working In India after ban?
How Is CamScanner Still Working In India after ban?

July 3, 2020, 1:18 a.m.

The Chinese CamScanner is still available on the Google Play and App Store after getting banned by the Indian governmen…

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Camscanner Indian Version - Bharatscanner
Camscanner Indian Version - Bharatscanner

July 3, 2020, 12:35 a.m.

CamScanner has been very widely used in India, even by government official and doctors for sharing documents. We were o…

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